Singapore Sling

Jordan Piper Philips - Back To Sleep

SST8 / Edition of 80

Recorded by Zach Phillips ( Blanche Blanche Blanche, Bruce Hart), brattleboro VT USA in december of 2010 on a tascam portastudio. all sounds produced on my Yamaha keyboard handed down to me by my sister when I was 12.


  • Side A
  • Back To Sleep  
  • Map of the City [Royal Trux], rec. Blanche Blanche Blanche
  • Time Accruity 
  • Wasting My Time  
  • Love Is A Killer [Dave Berry]
  • My Life
  • Side B
  • I Wanna Be Young [Ariel Pink]
  • Indian River  
  • Wedding Girls  
  • Midnight 
  • You Got It (Release It) [Pearl Harbor and the Explosions] 
  • Jumping Someone Else's Train [The Cure] 




Total time: 40:00

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